PME Diploma Courses & Masters Certificate

These are 10 week courses in;

  • Sugarpaste
  • Sugar Flowers
  • Royal Icing & Piping

Students obtain a certificate on completion of each module (a minimum of 25 hours per course is needed for the certificate).  


The module covers modelling, fabric  effects. Covering, sugar embroidery, sugar inlay and appliqué, drapes and frills. 

Sugar Flowers

The module teaches you taping and wiring methods, colouring techniques,                                                                                                 roses, freesia, daisies, orchids, pulled blossoms, lilies, carnations and foliage.  

The Royal Icing and Piping

This module covers, coating, marzipanning, bridge extension,                                                                                                                     piping skills, run-outs, brush embroidery and lacework.